What do Our Clients Say?

Carmen and Jeff,  What a tremendous gift you have given to us!  And... You have been such a delight to work with.  Thanks for all of the attention to our credit needs.  Mission Accomplished and Well Done! 

I have posted our recommendations in several ways.... and we will forever be grateful for all you have done for us and thanks to you... we are enjoying our new home and cars with low interest rates!  Wow! 

Did you happen to see our interview on the news a few days ago?  We put a plug in for you... but they didn't air that part.


God Bless You all.....

Thanks again.....

Lori and Mark Welch



Thank you, Yana.


I am very impressed with your company and the service you have provided.

I will not hesitate to recommend you to anyone who might need your services.



Blue Water Credit is a team of professional and highly knowledgeable personnel; I felt like my best interest was important to them and I never felt I was being judged or criticized about my credit. Blue Water quickly and successfully raising my credit score 54-100+ points which helped me get my mortgage refinanced and lowered my payment over $500. per month. Thank you so much for your help!  -Lisa T.




After monitoring my credit reports since we started, I met with our lender and submitted a new application and had them run our credit. My scores are now well above our target for the best rate available for an FHA loan. I would like to cancel my service now. I would also like to thank you very much for your responsiveness and effectiveness over the past two months. Your team has been a pleasure to work with.


Thank you,





Hello, I am glad to tell you that we have successfully qualified and purchased a home. We are very greatful to you in this matter. we most likely would not have been able to be where we are today without the help of your services.
I am sending you this e-mail informing you that I wish to terminate your service at the end of this billing cycle. We are no longer in need of Blue Water. Once again thank you very much for your hard work.
Sincerely, Antonio Furtado



Hi Yana this is Manuel . We thank clear water credit for all you have done .you guys are a great team and will recommend any who is in our old position. we unfortunately won't be needing you guys anymore because our scores are high enough to purchase a home. thank you and call me if any questions.   -The Ibarras



Hi Jennifer.

I just wanted to let you know that because of your excellent service over the past few months, our lives have taken a great turn for the better.

Due to the way you guided and assisted us, and with God's blessing, our credit has improved in almost every way.  As a result, we have been able to once again buy a home after 4 years of renting, and have been able to purchase needed cars for both of us as well.  We appreciate you all and the great help you have given us.  Please pass our gratitude on to Jeff and everyone else there.  You have helped us get our life back!

Just to let you know, too, we were interviewed recently for a program called Call Kurtis on Sacramento CBS affiliate.  At this point, the show is to air on the 29th.  He is doing a story on people who have lost their homes and have been able to re-enter the market again.  If he keeps the parts about Blue Water, it will be very good exposure for you guys.

God bless you all and have a great day!


Mark Welch



Hi Yana - 

Thank you and Blue Water Credit for your help over the last 6 months.  With your help I was able to accomplish my goal and get pre-approved for a home loan.  


Thanks again.

Jason Miller



I so happy my score came up. We were able to get a much needed new truck over the weekend!!

I believe I am done with Blue Water's services. Thank you and Blue Water so very much!

Please let me know what the process is for ending my monthly agreement.

Thank you!

-Tara Vittone



Hi Yana,

My credit has been repaired thanks to your great work.  I appreciate all you have done for me.  I have acquired the home loan I need so at this time, I would like to cancel my service with Blue Water Credit. Your company is fantastic!

Thanks again,



Blue Water Credit was a true blessing to my wife and I. We thought we had no way out of our current credit situation. Blue Water Credit not only increased my score but completely changed my life and the way I look at my finances!  My wife and I are now in the position to purchase a new home thanks to Blue Water Credit!  Words cannot express the gratitude for all you have done for us. I would recommend you to anyone interested in restoring their credit profile. You are outstanding and incredible at what you do! Thanks again for everything!
- Joey H. Roseville CA

I just wanted to let you know that I got my Trans Union Fico score and you will never guess, it’s at 701!  When you started working on my credit it was a 610, thanks for all your help, you are the best!  I really appreciate your help!  I don't think I can say thank you enough!  - Norbert G., Roseville CA


Blue Water Credit increased my score from 540-710 in 60 days! That's 170 points in two months! I just closed escrow on my house. I was so excited, I had to go in and give the team high fives. I used another credit repair company in the past and was not successful. I was skeptical about trying another company. I'm so happy I did. If anyone has doubts about Blue Water Credit, I'd be glad to talk to them. 

- Janice W. Roseville, CA


Thank you! I couldn’t believe when I was qualified to help my son buy a car and my score was a 720! It feels great to have good credit! Blue Water Credit is worth the investment!  - Jeneen S., Kearney, NE



Jeff Sipes has been a huge asset to my business.  There are so many individuals whom he has helped either establish credit or whom he has worked with to escalate their scores.  Jeff is a great communicator and the clients that I have referred to him could not be any happier with their results!  I have definitely closed more transactions by having Jeff on my team.  I HIGHLY recommend him to anyone that is need of credit repair themselves or who is looking to increase their business by referring their clients to him.       - Jen O., Wells Fargo, Roseville, CA

Do you remember me telling you a couple of months ago about a client of mine who's credit score had fallen below 600 due to a loan she co-signed on for a relative? We had just gotten lender's approval on a short sale. In fact, you had talked to her previously, Vesha Francies, but she was using another Wells loan officer at the time & continued with him because of the conflict you felt with changing internally.


My client hired you to fix her credit. Well, she just closed escrow on her condo and she wanted me to tell you that she's grateful for your advice. Since then, I've given Blue Water Credit's info to at least 3 other people.  Thanks so much for your help!  - California REALTOR


“I had no idea I had been a victim of identity theft until I tried to buy a home.  I discovered I had multiple fraudulent accounts with over $20,000 of debt that wasn’t mine.

Thanks to Blue Water Credit, I am now qualified to buy a home.  In less than 4 months, Blue Water Credit was able to remove all fraudulent accounts and my score increased over 100 points!  I can’t wait to move into my hew home.  Thank you Blue Water Credit!” Eve G. Roseville, CA.





Jeff and his team at BWC are amazing!!!  They do a free consultation with my client and let me know what the outcome is!  They keep me in the loop through the process and they send my clients back to me when they are ready to have their credit pulled to move forward with buying their house!  It is truly a team experience!  I have had great success with BWC and my clients have ended up buying homes just months after working with BWC.  BWC also has awesome customer service and they are always available to me and my clients for the simplest of credit questions!  Heather H., Mortgage Broker, Sacramento, CA



This place is great, my credit score has already jumped up 25 points and they are nowhere near done improving it. If you are planning on making a huge purchase using credit, this company is a must. The money I spent on Blue Water credit was the best money I have spent in a long time and will end up saving me so much more. Doug E. Seattle , WA


I just wanted to take a minute to share that as of Thursday March 25th we received our approval letter from Kelly Resendez for the purchase of our first house! We have been approved for up to $230,000 with a 96.5% FHA loan. Although I do not currently have a copy of our most recent credit report on hand Kelly did share that Alfred’s middle score is now a 671 as before he was at a 632 and my score jumped to a 646 from a 582! I am amazed at the work you all have done; we are truly excited to start searching for our new home and couldn’t be happier in our choice to retain your services!  Laura. V



Before your program I hated to look at my credit report and never desired to know my credit score because it was so depressing. It made me angry to know I was paying thousands of dollars more for things, due to high interest rates, just because of my low credit score. But after I enrolled in the Blue Water Credit program and saw the difference it made in my credit score, I got excited. My credit score jumped up 46 points in one month! Now I watch it carefully every month and I am finally on track for getting my credit score to work me! Thanks to Blue Water Credit! Marcus, Omaha, NE


We want to express our sincere gratitude and appreciation for the services that Blue Water Credit provided us in our effort to improve our FICO scores.  The results exceeded our expectations.  Thanks to your expertise, we are now able to purchase a home and are back on track again.  What a relief!  We would not be in this position today if we had not had you working for us.  Thank goodness there are legitimate companies out there to help consumers.  A special thanks to Tiffany for her expertise and individual attention throughout this process.   We highly recommend Blue Water Credit to anyone in need to credit repair. 
Best regards,
Kathy & Gary


Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!

Our 3 Fico Scores raised 80-93 points, in the first 3 months!  We went from not being able to purchase a home to currently shopping for a home on pre-approved credit.  The services and care that Blue Water provided in helping us to erase negatives and build positives has changed our outlook in life.  We will use your services again should we ever find it necessary. Again, we say Thank You!!! Shawn and Tracy W. Sacramento, Ca


Dear BWC, There are not enough words to express how grateful we are for the amazing work that all of you at Blue Water Credit did on our behalf to increase our credit scores. Immediately, in the first month already, we saw a huge improvement in our credit scores. You helped us negotiate with all our creditors and all the collections agencies in a positive way. You helped us and advised us every step of the way. Today, thanks to all your efforts and guidance, we were able qualify for a good mortgage at better interest rates. We are hoping to soon find the home of our dreams. Thank you Natalie, Tiffany, Heather, and Jeff for your exceptional work. It is wonderful to know that there are still a few companies out there that work with honesty, compassion, diligence, and integrity. Since closeout last year, our credit scores have steadily been rising. Our credit is healthy and our FICO scores are looking great! We will never forget you. We will always be grateful to you and we are happy and excited about our future. You have not only changed our lives but our future as well! Thank you, thank you, thank you. You will always be in our prayers because people need businesses like yours to be there to help them. We are recommending you to everyone we know who needs your services. We love you! Joy & Leon


From the moment I paid for the services of Blue Water Credit I knew I was in good hands. Each month I watched as bad indicators on my credit report disappeared and my FICO score grew. Asking for help from Blue Water Credit was the wisest decision I made on my path to repair my credit. Thanks for all the help!!!

-          Edward N.  Idaho

My name is Lori and I would like to share my experience with Bluewater Credit, when I decided to buy my first house my credit score was very low and my lender suggested going to a credit repair co. and that he had heard of great results with those that went to Bluewater credit, and that there were a lot of other credit repair co. that promised a lot and did little or nothing for your credit score, I was very skeptical, but to my delight, within 3 months my credit score increased dramatically, I am so pleased, I am now able to get the best interest rates etc.  Bluewater credit is awesome, they truly deliver…( Lori Kane)

score is at 647.  Which is good enough to buy a house, thank you guys for helping me raise my score.” (Tassanna Miles)



I was struggling to raise my FICO score from 610 to a number acceptable for an FHA loan.  Each month I was making my car and credit card payments, trying to keep my credit card balance as low as possible, but my numbers were moving slowly.  Then my consultant referred me to Blue Water Credit.  Accepting their assistance was one of the best decisions of my life.  In just 45 days my FICO went from 610 to 647!  Incredible!  Now I’m pre-qualified and looking for a home.  A dream come true thanks to Blue Water Credit!  I cannot express enough how thankful I am that Blue Water was there for me. If you need credit repair assistance then Blue Water IS the answer.  I absolutely recommend them. They are AWESOME!

Krista E.


Thank you for getting my credit restored and my credit rating improved by 100 points!  You have exceeded my expectations and have gotten the job done in a very expedient manner!

I will continue to recommend your company to anyone I may meet who would benefit from your fine service.

Thank you so much! You have literally made a change in my life and my dream of once again owning my home is soon to become a reality.

-Karla Caldwell


Thank you so much for all your help and hard work on our credit file. In just under 60 days, you got our score to raise almost 75 points. We were preparing to go buy a house and gave you 6 months as we figured it would take at least that long. Well, it didn’t, you got us where we needed to be within 60 days! It was such an easy process, and you were extremely helpful and knowledgeable. You answered every single one of my questions, and were there for us every step of the way. Because of you and Bluewater Credit, we were able to purchase a beautiful house, with a great interest rate only a few months into this process. You guys are the best! You also enabled us to get credit at retail stores and were able to buy all new beautiful appliances. Our scores are now over 100 points higher that when we started with you. Thank you so much for everything. The next time I come across someone in my position, I will definitely be sending them your way.


Brent and Sally P. Kirkland, WA


“Thank you for your help Blue Water Credit. I recently purchased a home that I wouldn’t be able to purchase without your help. Thank you again.  I will definitely stay in touch and refer everyone to Blue Water Credit. “

Joel B.


To all who may be impacted by poor credit in this bad economy, I have had a great experience working with Blue water credit. I came to them with a lot of dings on my report and they have worked with me diligently by getting over 25 items either deleted or repaired on my credit reports. I have the pleasure of saying that my score and credit worthiness has improved so much that I am now being pre-approved for a new home loan. This is the first place you must seek to get the right help to get back on track towards re-establishing the American dream. God bless Blue water credit, I am a true believer in you!

Lamont C.



So, thank you Heather and BlueWater because you just don't know how I feel about actually getting approved for something after 5 years.   It's a fabulous feeling of hope!

Denise S.


> Dear Heather,


> We when approached you to help with our credit score we had realistic expectations anticipating 3-6 months to get the score we needed to purchase a second home.  Surprisingly our offer on a short sale was accepted and we had only 2 months to receive a miracle of a 100 +  point rise in the score.  We knew it was a gamble but thanks to your skills and bag of tricks you did the impossible!  We will always remember how accessible, friendly, and personally connected you were to reaching our goal.  Soon we will have our perfect, dream weekend home thanks to your amazing effort.


> Thanks again Heather!


> John





All I can say is THANKS. You and Blue Water Credit have been the most help. Honestly I never thought I would have good credit again!  I will keep the month to month basis in mind for the future.







I would like to thank Blue Credit and yourself for a job well done. It is very satisfying to work with a company that came through. I received my approval credit score in less then 3 months. Again for that Thanks.




I ordered my two FICO scores. I was pleasantly surprised to see that my Transunion score is 681.

And my Equifax score is 670.

Thanks for a great JOB. You guys know your stuff.

                -thank you, Bill.


"I have referred several clients to Blue Water Credit wanting to buy a home. Jeff and Blue Water have returned to me credit worthy clients thrilled to be able to buy a home."


Robert 'Bob' Wallace

Alpine Mortgage Planning



Jeff and the Blue Water Team is the most professional customer oriented credit repair company that I have ever referred my borrower’s to.  When I send a borrower to Blue Water Credit I am confident that they will treat my client fairly and professional and more importantly let them know if they can assist them before the client pays for any of their services.  In the majority of the cases the borrower’s credit is improved enough in 3 – 6 months so we are able to purchase or refinance their home.    In the past I have been skeptical sending my borrowers to a credit repair company.  Blue Water Credit actually enhances my business and I am proud to have them as a resource.


Donald B. –Alpine Mortgage


I hope you had a wonderful holiday season and look forward to a brand new year.  I appreciate your help last year.  Because of Blue Water Credit, I qualified to buy my first home.  I give special thanks to Keith Collins for his referral to Blue Water Credit. 

Pat W.


Just so you know, I am well pleased with the progress that Bluewater is making. My credit score went up again to 642 today. I have a credit alert on fico.com and every time my score changes, they alert me. -- Janet H.


You have been a great help and it is very nice to see things going away and handled. It has been absolutely crazy, wow. But it will be all worth it. We found our home in Lincoln, which is perfect and their ready time is end of May/June so we hope the timing of all this and the score will plop right in where it needs to be.  -Jay. M.


My credit has been repaired so well by you, that I have been approved for a home loan (in the process of buying), and my credit scores have gone up a lot.

Thanks for all your professionalism, and hardwork.


Patty Quisenberry

I had serious credit issues that were everything from collections to unpaid accounts when Blue Water Credit took on my account. They set up my 6 month program and in that time my credit rose 110 points to get me where I needed to be to buy our new home. I was blown away by the top notch customer service, knowledge and ability they have that turned around my poor credit to now good credit. They did all they promised as well as went above and beyond.


-Jaymeson Mitchell, Orangevale, CA


I would like to cancel my contract with Blue Water Credit due to the successful completion of the service. It was completed within the first round of disputes, restoring my credit scores. Thank you so much for the swift and successful restoration of my credit. I appreciate the professional management of my account, including great communication. Your company was able to remove negative information that I could not remove on my own. I will gladly use your services again if necessary and will certainly refer friends and family that might need your services.

Once again, thank you for your time and attention.


Barbara Masters Cumbo

Heather you are a miracle worker.  When we went to apply for a loan to buy horse property, it came as a huge shock that my husbands score came back as zero.  I felt like we hit a brick wall and had no idea how to get over it.  To our amazement 5 months later his highest score was 787, truely astounding.  Now we can move forward to buy property and have horses again.  Thank you so much, you are a hard worker and really know what you are doing.


Chrissy D 



Hi Heather, I hope this is good for you to use for your testimony:


I met Heather at Blue Water Credit and she worked miracles. She was kind, thoughtful and VERY reassuring with me in letting me know what to expect. I did NOT expect to have my credit in almost 2 months repaired. Almost half of it. I have a lender now who just approved me for a house. I honestly could not have done this without having "Blue Water Credit" helping me get to my goal. With them helping me, I also learned alot, Heather and the website that was provided for me with my on personal log on's was easy to use and follow my very own progress.  I am now 100% aware of my credit and what NOT to do and what to look for. Heather thank you from the bottom of my heart for all you do and continue to do for me. Thanks to your awesome office for all the smiles when I come in...

Take Care,







Hi Yana,


Thanks again for another successful job of repairing my customers credit. I've been in the mortgage industry for 30 years and can honestly say that you guys are the most proficient and professional firm that I have ever worked with. My customers call me to thank me for referring them to you. Keep up the good work and I'll see you on the next deal.


Gregory T Hughes

Tahoe Mortgage Center

I just Wanted to Thank you for everything you have done for me. But I want be needing anymore services because my score is a 700 now. I have been accepted for a home loan. So thank you very much!!!

-Mark Philips



Thank you, Jeff and Heather,


I appreciate the work  the two of you are doing in order to make credit something that you can take charge of rather than hoping it will just go away. (smile). Importantly, I am impressed by the teaching tools that you made available, which allowed me to understand the process as my credit report was being cleaned up. If I have to  to become Power of Attorney again, I will certainly be aware of having authorization over my love one accounts, because their financial obligation could end up on your credit report. I deeply appreciate the effort that you put forth to resolve the issues on my credit report.



With warm regards,

Gloria W.




Our scores are well above what we needed. We were able to put an offer in on the house we wanted yesterday:)


You guys are so amazing. And well worth EVERY PENNY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!





Dear Blue Water Credit,

My husband and I really want to thank you for all your hard work.  We have struggled for years with our credit.When my husband went to police academy we really struggled to make ends meet and relied heavily on credit cards. This past year we adopted our first child and it was such an amazing experience. It made us realize that we wanted to buy a home and start planning for our sons future.


We never ever thought we would be able to get where we needed to be to qualify. Our Mortgage Broker suggested we contact you guys to help clear our credit. Not gonna lie we were very leery at first, mostly of the cost, and then the unknown of how long it would actually take to clear enough to get to where we needed to be. 


Its amazing in just 2 months I have have 9 items on my credit deleted and 4 items repaired. My Husband has had 11 items deleted. Our credit scores are now well above what we needed them to be. And im happy to say that after 2 short months we were able to put an offer in on the house we wanted. 


This whole process was so easy and painless. And i know the results we got are not typical in such a short amount of time, but its probably one of the best decisions we have made.. You guys are amazing and truly offer a great service to people who are trying to get there life on track, and totally worth EVERY PENNY!!!!!


~Abbi Nowdesha


You and Blue Water Credit have my accolades.  I have been made aware of how the (Credit) system works. Thank you for your wonderful and professional assistance. Your efforts are appreciated. You have my vote.




I have told Jeff how wonderful all of you are. I just want to make sure you know that I think you are all great!!!! I have full confidence in you from the way you get the credit improved to how wonderful you are with my clients! I have been doing loans for almost 30 yrs and I have never worked with a credit company that I trust as much as you.

I know that you will treat my clients with respect and kindness.


Debbie George, FTM Mortgage


I ran my scores and they have improved beyond what was required. My median score is now 661 and I have begun the pre-approval process for my first home loan. I'm very excited. Blue Water has been a serious miracle working service for me. Relay my thanks to the team!





To whom it may concern:

I am writing to recommend the services of the Blue Water Credit Service. I have been using Blue Water Credit  to  assist my clients for the past five years, and have always been completely satisfied. They do an excellent job, and understand credit.  They offer the most competitive fees that I am aware of. Most important they accomplish in weeks what it takes my clients years.  I have had nothing but great results with them.  I tell all my clients they can attempt to do it themselves or they can let the experts take care of it, usually at a fraction of the cost in order to settle or correct.  I have been in the Mortgage business for over 11 years and am happy to recommend the services of Blue Water Credit. If you have any questions, feel free to contact me.

John Burgess

Loan Officer



I was initially extremely skeptical by Blue Water's estimation of success, but that has since been proven completely unfounded. I couldn't be happier with the decision to use Blue Water Credit. Not only were you guys able to fix the problem I had on both credit bureaus, but you did it in less than a month and just in time for me to use my shiny new credit score to reduce my home loan interest rate from 4.25% to 3.875%!

Thank you all so much for everything you did. I will definitely be recommending you to friends and family... and strangers. :)


-Scott Brown


The team at Blue Water Credit are professional and always willing to assist with our concerns. I used Blue Water Credit for 6 months and am exceptionally satisfied with the results. Not only did the team work diligently with creditors to remove old and expired reporting’s, they went the extra mile to keep me updated on all new reporting’s. Upon my decision to hold services for future use, Jeff and the team at Blue Water Credit extended their years of experience by allowing them to be my resource center for questions.


I am an avid fan of Blue Water Credit and will continue to refer anyone in need of their services.


Thank you Blue Water Team!


Mr. & Mrs. Rodriguez



Thank You Michelle & Blue Water Credit!! Wow, I never thought I’d see the day my score was in the mid 600 range from a 541.   And in such a short amount of time too. What’s even more exciting is that it’s still going up.  I’m just speechless right now!!  I’m serious; it hasn’t been in the 600 range since my early 20’s I think.  Nice work & job well done!!  Your process really works!


Mark – Folsom, Ca



"I really appreciate the results of my recent experience with Blue Water Credit. A lender would not remove from my credit reports a large item that had been discharged in bankruptcy. This situation for practical purposes precluded the rebuilding of my credit. Blue Water was able to force the creditor to remove the item in less than 60 days from when they started. Very impressive!"

 -Peter B.


Just wanted to say thank you to everybody at Blue Water Credit for all your hard work.  My credit was horrible when I first signed up and it's crazy how much it improved in such a short period of time.  I really can’t say enough about this company....Thanks again and im off to buy my first home!!!

Chris M.


I will throw my .02 in here also.

After my near fatal motorcycle accident 5 years ago, my newly established credit (only a couple years old) was trashed during a 1.5 year recovery process.

In the years that followed, I became very well versed in collection practices, repair tactics and strategies simply to handle my own scenario.

After 4 years and getting a fair amount of items removed myself, there were still a handful of collection companies and adverse tradelines that I could not seem to get rid of no matter how much effort I expended.

I ended up signing on with Jeff at Blue Water Credit after they took one of my clients that I referred to him, and raised his mid score well over 65 points and COMPLETELY removed a car repossession of over $14,000 outstanding balance that was keeping my customer from being pre-approved.

I can also tell everybody first hand that Blue Water Credit’s services are effective. They removed everything they said they would in the amount of time they said it would take.

If there is one thing to know about Jeff at Blue Water Credit, it is that he is incredibly realistic when it comes to what he tells you to expect. He will tell you straight up when he thinks he has come to a dead end or has gotten as much improvement as he feels is available.

Out of the 10+ people I have referred to him, all who signed up were amazed at the results.



Hi Team,

I wanted to take a moment and add to this email.

I had lingering bad credit from my college days and used Jeff Sipes and Blue Water Credit earlier this year to see if they could help bump my scores up. Blue Water Credit has a seamless process. They started my credit repair process immediately on our first call. Over the time we worked together I realized a point increase of 119 points on Experian, 87 points on Transunion, and 105 points on Equifax. To say that I trust these guys is an understatement.

Happy Holidays


Thank you very much.

Your organization has been very helpful, and individually, all of my contacts have been pleasant, professional, and helpful.

I will sing your praises far and wide,



Hello Jeff;

I am extremely grateful to Roy Macy who referred me to your company.

Not sure how easy or complicated your job is when it comes to helping others fix their credit;

However, it is with great appreciation that I say "Thank You" - to you and your staff.

My path looks a lot brighter!!!!!







Violeta Jaime




Holy cow! Just cleaning stuff up did that? And I still have that old stupid pay off on my record?

 You are a miracle worker! I cannot thank you enough for taking care of this for me and guiding me through the Citibank challenge. You are a Godsend for me and I appreciate you SO much more than I can express.

 Thank you! Thank you!

Robin W.

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