Our Story

When I was 21 years old, I tried to open a business and in short, failed miserably. Soon after, I went to a local credit union and applied for a bank account. After pulling my credit, I was told I did not qualify for a Visa debit card. I would be given the lowest daily withdrawal limit. I then knew there were consequences for my bad credit. About a year later, a friend of mine hired an attorney to help him repair and rebuild his credit. He taught me a lot of what he had learned.
I used this knowledge to repair and rebuild my credit. Several years later, I purchased my first property, a small condo. Six months later, I flipped it for a profit. I was hooked at that point as a real estate investor. During this time, many of my friends saw me flipping homes and wanted to purchase homes, too. However, they had bad credit. I helped them with their credit, never thinking it would be our business years later.
During the economic downturn in 2007, I saw the increasing need for an organization offering credit repair. I wanted to help others improve their credit to improve their lives. My wife Natalie and I started Sacramento Credit Repair in 2008. Our goal was to create a legal, ethical credit repair company that had a genuine goal of helping others.
To this day we have helped thousands of people improve their credit. We have helped our clients achieve their dream of home ownership. I know how it feels to have bad credit and understand the peace of mind that good credit provides.
Jeff Sipes

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